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18 October 2008 @ 08:57 am

Yes, the long waited zeta boards conversion finally took place... ._.; I pretty much have things to talk bout:


- Spoiler Tags
- We can view what member's posted
- Different Themes
- More things we can do with our posts...
- Make posts visible to certain groups...
- Awesome ability to do more things with the forum...


- huge annoyance to find a skin that would fit Shine since Zeta is very limited.
- huge annoyance to find/make buttons that would fit the Skin since Zeta is very limited.
- Fast Reply box is embedded into the bottom of each topic.
- Huge irking annoyances to make sure each theme runs perfecly.

...generally all the cons and stuff are based on me. So you can say that I hate Zeta with a slight passion. >_>;; Hm.


I have added another theme. Freedom Is Just Another Perspective featuring Ohtori Kyouya with the skin of gray. Don't ask me why everything is centered, I tried to freaking change it all, wouldn't work. I'm currently seeing how it'll go with the person who skinned it.

Buttons were made by the original creator of the skin. However, I took it and modified the text. So...yep. >_>;

We may have a new skin to add to our theme database, but it's just a matter of time to hunt for buttons that would match. So...yeah.

Until the next theme change...>_>;
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06 October 2008 @ 08:31 pm

I just wanted to post in here, because it's getting pretty dead. >o>

Anyway. Demi-kun has changed the forum skin, to the FALL ver. Mainly starring the twins and Kyouya. IMO, it looks like summer, but alright. =DD Give your thanks to her.

We are... still doubtfully starting up an archive of Ouran fanfics... but... er. No one's really doing anything. So yeah, if anyone still wants to help up, it'd be VERY helpful if you PM Lit on SHINE and tell her you wanna do this thing. Yeah.

Usagi Gakuen is basically left to fend for itself. So if you like RPGing, whether with OCs or canon, please help it out...? ;O;

I heard a Plot Bunny Orphanage is being opened up. We're still waiting to see what happens, since Demi is going to be doing that, updating it into the Tutorial Studio.

Yeah. That's all that happened in the past month or so.

11 September 2008 @ 08:06 pm

Yeah, not a very updatey update post. Just to say a couple of things.

I'm currently not very active in SHINE... and um, therefore resulting in the not too active SHINE? School's been draining my energy, so not much updates are being made. However, SHINE is still open for you to mess around in.. It'd be very helpful if you would help contribute to it. =D Instead of me doing all the work...

Yup. =3


19 August 2008 @ 09:16 am
Alright, it's clean-up time for SHINE, especially after everything just plopped after the deletion.

So. To revive the forum, I'm going to manually renew the most of the Threads in the Central Salon, since it needs to be the most updated. All old threads are going here. Challenges will not be pruned. If you want to restart your own challenge thread, please contact me.

The RPGs, having another place for RPGing already, are goin to stay there. No one is going to post there until I figure out what I should do with all the threads in it. The 38th Parallel spots will also be renewed, all the original owners having a week (and whenever Jazy comes back) to take back their positions. All the missions would be put on hold and new ones assigned unless both RPGers agree to restart it again.

Hikaru, captain, Lit (naturally confirmed XP)
Kaoru, spy, Demi
Renge, lieutenant, perdendosi
Kyouya, spy, iloveseiran
Tamaki, captain, Demi-kun
Mori, lieutenant, Hyuu
Hani, subordinate, Shiku
Fuyumi, trainee, Jazy
Ayanokoji, trainee, Kazu
Haruhi, trainee, Magic

As for the threads that I'm renewing, I'm archiving them into a forum, if you want to read go back and read the threads again.

(Lit really hates deletion, yes. -nodsnods-)

So, following this, I'm placing a list of "pruned" threads. Most especially needed for pruning are the clubs. We really need to restart them all from scratch.

Cosplay forum being closed until further notice. XP We don't have many cosplayers out there, so please just stick to the Photography Club and Miscellaneous forum.

ALL FANCLUBS besides Stubborn Affection has been moved to the archive forum. Either the owners of the fanclub has been inactive for a long time and haven't regreistered or the fanclub has been inactive for a very long time. If you wish to create a another version or a completely new fanclub, you may do so.

... I seem to have an aversion to pruning threads ._.; All I pruned were fanclubs. Anyone can start up a new fanclub, if you wish.

So. That's pretty much it for this update. Pruned RPG and Fanclubs.
17 August 2008 @ 02:47 pm
This is, like I said, is the updates site for S H I N E. In this overall page, I'm going to archive the basic happenings of here.

Right about 8/10/08 or so, SHINE's 180-something members have been eliminated. So right now, we're trying to bring them back. Since this is the most suitable place to put it, if you can advertise S H I N E, it would be very helpful.

Buttons below. =3


user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image


user posted image

Submit more to sono_blac. =3